Information we collect online.

When consumers browse our web site, we collect IP addresses of the visitor in order to track the number of visitors to our site. We also collect the IP address and the URL from which the visitor came to our site from. This is only to maintain and track the number of visitors to our main page. We use cookies or set cookies in our visitors’ browsers in order for our affiliate program to credit referrals correctly. When a new member joins our site, we collect the name and email address of the new member. All member information is collected voluntarily from the member. Customers may opt-out of the collection of cookies.

How we use and/ or share the information we collect.

We do not share the information the members voluntarily provide with anyone. The email address is solely used for us to contact our members about important site updates and information about their account. The address and/ or payment processor information is only used by us to pay our members’ commissions. We do not disclose any personal information to a third party for marketing purposes. We only collect information in order to complete a transaction. We may on occasion use the personal information such as name and e-mail address to further market our own products to the perspective member.

Electronic communication (e.g., email, online chat or help desk, etc.).

Information transmitted electronically between clients and members are strictly between the clients and members and a representative of or the parent company We will never share any type of content from any communications with any 3rd party. We never share or sell your email address to others outside from or the parent company

Choices available to consumers regarding the marketing uses of the collected information.

Members may contact us at the “Contact” link displayed on our web site and “opt-out” of any further communications.

Consumer inquiries about their information or our privacy policy.

We provide an easy contact point for consumers who want further information about your privacy policy and what it means. Consumers may use the “Contact” link displayed on our web site.

Protection of information online.

We do not allow anyone not affiliated with our program to access any personal member information that is voluntarily left by the member.

Website Changing Ownership.

Should this website change ownership the new owner will abide by this Privacy Policy unless the members are contacted regarding the change and the change is updated on this Privacy Policy.

Changes to your privacy policy.

Any changes to our privacy policy will be displayed on this Privacy Policy Statement page and consumers should check this page for updates.

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